Is Full-Time Traveling As Good As It Sounds?

I know that traveling full-time sounds fascinating – you get to explore new places, bring your home everywhere you go, try new foods, meet new people, and more. But, it’s not always beaches, mountains, and […]

A Friday Chat About Change

NICOLE: Tell them how many times we drew the Death card. NICOLE: All the time. In EVERY SINGLE TAROT READING. NICOLE: And we even re-ordered and cleansed the deck under the full moon just to […]

  • Money Saving

    6 more $$$ hacks!

    6 more $$$ hacks! Here are a bunch more hacks to add to that FIRE Spreadsheet 😉 I was going to wait until I had a little more saved up, but some of these were [...]

    QE & QT Effects On Markets

    This article is going to review a few misnomers investors have. Before being able to analyze the data, you need to understand what the metrics mean. For example, if you sold stocks because earnings estimates [...]
  • Money Saving

    How To Never Retire

    How To Never Retire A reader passed this over to me yesterday and thought it was pretty good 🙂 (Thanks Richard!) “A 20-Step Guide to a Horrible Retirement” via Business Insider Would have made for [...]


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