12 Excellent Money Hacks For Ya

12 Excellent Money Hacks For Ya My database of tips is filling up again, so time to pour them out! Here are a bunch of notes people have shot me in recent months to better […]

Why All Bloggers Need An Email List

My biggest blogging mistake is that I waited years to start an email list, and then even longer to take it seriously. I finally started taking my email list seriously around 2016. I was about […]

TurboTax vs. H&R Block vs. TaxAct

On a budget? Need CPA advice? Have complicated taxes? There are a few tax filing options here for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best on the market – TurboTax vs. H&R […]


    DIY taxes with H&R Block vs Others

    The following is a sponsored partnership with H&R Block.  As you may know, I used H&R Block for years for my own taxes, but some of you have asked why I chose H&R Block opposed [...]

    QE & QT Effects On Markets

    This article is going to review a few misnomers investors have. Before being able to analyze the data, you need to understand what the metrics mean. For example, if you sold stocks because earnings estimates [...]

    Less Stuff, More Freedom

    It’s been a few years now since we got rid of the majority of our belongings and moved into an RV (and now boat). Becoming a minimalist (and living with less stuff) wasn’t a goal [...]

How to Get Kroger MyMagazine

Want to get the Kroger MyMagazine in the mail? This magazine has some fantastic coupons in it that are customized for the products you buy. Looking for more ways to save at Kroger? I also [...]


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