DIY taxes with H&R Block vs Others

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As you may know, I used H&R Block for years for my own taxes, but some of you have asked why I chose H&R Block opposed to the many other options that exist out there, such as TurboTax.

If you’re interested in doing your taxes yourself, H&R Block can help you in making sure your tax return is correct and you have claimed every credit and deduction that you deserve. 

With H&R Block and their products and services, you do not have to decide between completing your tax return all by yourself or completely turning over the preparation to a tax expert. Instead, you can select from a wide selection of their tax return services and products in order to find the best solution for you and your situation.

The DIY Online services with H&R Block (Free, Deluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed versions) give you a better value than competitors. Plus, all the H&R Block Online options come with maximum refund and 100% accuracy guarantees. Lastly, H&R Block supports 45 forms, whereas TurboTax supports only 28 forms.

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What are the DIY options?

With the new tax reform, you may be worried that you cannot use a DIY option for your taxes.

With H&R Block Online, you can!

H&R Block realizes that you may have concerns because of the recent tax reform. Due to that, they have several options for you to receive help from their tax experts, and H&R Block Online has a better experience than TurboTax due to that.

With H&R Block Online and their online DIY tax return, you can file your tax return online and it is available for you to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the great services of H&R Block include:

  • DIY Online Help Center – You can find help in all H&R Block online products by clicking on the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the screen to enter their intuitive question and answer center. So, if you have any questions, H&R Block has your back!
  • Ask a Tax Pro – You can add to any online product to have unlimited, immediate screen-sharing and chat sessions with an H&R Block tax expert. This is a super valuable feature that H&R Block provides.
  • Tax Pro Review – You can also add to any online H&R Block product at any time in the tax prep process to have your tax return reviewed, signed, and e-filed by an H&R Block tax expert.
  • Quick tax return delivery – Tax returns are given back to you for review within three days, while competitor turnaround is three business days.


How much does the DIY option cost?

One area that I’ve never been pleased about with the various competition is that you never really know how much it costs to complete your tax return.

So, you may go through the whole tax return process, and then afterwards find out that it was much more expensive than you originally thought it would be.

And, I know that many of you have experienced the same!

With H&R Block Online, you know upfront how much you will be spending to complete your tax return.

H&R Block is the first in their industry to have super clear pricing throughout the online tax prep process with the creation of their new service, Price Preview. DIY consumers have always had upfront transparency as to the base price, but the H&R Block Online Price Preview tool tells you of price changes as you add services and forms to your tax prep process.

Are you using H&R Block for your tax return this year?

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