Looking to monetize your audience? Stop looking, Interactive Offers is here.

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Based out of Boca Raton, Florida, start up company Interactive Offers is a new player in the digital marketing world. If you aren’t paying attention to this company, you should. The company was founded by three individuals with 20 years of digital marketing experience.  They set out on a journey to disrupt the stale model of marketing with a simple goal in mind: create a transparent, self-serve, financial digital marketing platform.

Using the cost-per-click (CPC) model, Interactive Offers has been able to lure some of the biggest financial advertisers and publishers in the industry to their platform.  The creation of this hub revolves around financial advertisers and publisher resulting in a mutual relationship for both parties. 

Advertisers get to showcase their product to their ideal audience while publishers reap the benefits of having such a targeted financial audience and get paid per every click delivered.  

The process for monetizing your database is quite simple.  

Visit InteractiveOffers.com and register as a publisher.  Once the registration is complete, one of their account managers will contact you to familiarize yourself with the company and explain the process of picking up offers.  The next step involves issuing a test offer in order to validate the traffic quality each publisher will bring.  This step is crucial, as the company wants high quality leads that convert for their advertisers. If the test results are up to their standards, you will gain full access to the platform and all of the offers available.  The vetting of publishers is completed within a week of registering.

Once on the platform, the publisher will have several options in regards to the type of offer they wish to send.  They currently have campaigns in the form of Dedicated Emails, SMS, Push, and Display ads.  Each available offer will display the CPC you receive per click delivered, as well as the name of the offer, time remaining, link preview and remaining clicks.  With dedicated email offers you can even schedule out clicks 2 weeks in advance! 


Several things that set Interactive Offers apart from the rest.  

Primarily, they have financial content that is relevant with the financial-hungry audience financial publishers provide.  This results in advertisers creating a higher CPC on their campaigns, because they know the traffic provided is very targeted.  

Higher CPC means higher returns for publishers. As a matter of fact, the average CPC on campaigns is $2.00. Imagine your returns if you have a database of 10,000 users or more!

When do you get paid? Good question! All publisher payments are made on or before the 15th of the month following your send.

With offers populating on the platform on a daily basis from top financial advertisers, it couldn’t be any easier to monetize your database.  It is as simple as a few clicks to pick up the offer, send it out, and make money.  Publishers already using Interactive Offers to monetize their database range from heavyweights such as The Washington Times to smaller financial sites and bloggers.

If you are a financial publisher looking to monetize your database, look no further.  You just found your go-to place to make easy money with minimal effort.  That place? InteractiveOffers.com

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