Bloggers: Read this!

I have gotten a LOT of emails from you all recently telling me that you wish you could have more customized help as a blogger…

  • Some of you would like help getting your blog up and launched.
  • Some of you want to know how to get more people to ready your blog.
  • Some of you would like to feel more confident when it comes to the technical aspects of blogging.
  • A number of you want to learn how to take better photos for your blog.
  • Many of you would love to be more successful on social media.
  • And pretty much all of you would like to figure out how to make more money as a blogger!

I wish I could offer customized coaching for each and every one of you… and we’re actually working on some projects for the future to allow me to do more of that. (We’ll be opening up my Blogging Mastermind program to new members in just a few weeks! Stay tuned!)

I Want to Help You TODAY!

But many of you aren’t wanting to wait around for that — you’d like help TODAY! And you don’t have to wait, because guess what?

Through tomorrow evening at midnight (April 9, 2019), you have one last opportunity to get an amazing bundle of fantastic blogging resources is available that offers courses on just about every single aspect related to blogging.

It’s FLASH SALE for the The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and it boasts 77 different products and is worth $5,867.88!!

This toolkit was available for a few days in 2018 and I’m so excited that it’s back again through tomorrow evening.

No matter whether you need help with writing better blog posts, setting up your email list, becoming proficient at marketing, creating products that sell, managing your time better, or making more money as a blogger, this toolkit has you covered.

Wait, For REAL??

Yes, when you purchase The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to 41 eCourses, 15 eBooks, 9 printable packs & workbooks, 5 templates, 5 stock photo packs, and 2 membership sites.

Basically, it’s an entire blogging education from a number of blogging professionals to help you confidently tackle whatever blogging struggles you are facing.

All of the courses and ebooks can be downloaded and gone through at your own pace. You can start them today or, if it’s a topic you don’t need right now, you can download it and save it for later.

Or, if it’s not a topic you need at all, you can just skip it and move on to the courses that you really need to focus on. Why? Because you are paying a fraction of the price that each of these would cost if you bought them individually.

You Won’t Believe This Price!

That’s right! If you went to the different influencer’s and blogger’s sites and bought each of these courses separately, you’d pay $5867.88! But for the next few days, you can get all of these courses in one big bundle for just $97 total!

Many of these courses are very comprehensive and they individually sell for more than $97 for just one course! So this is a STEAL of a price!

There is a Catch, Though…

I know you’ve likely been waiting for me to tell you what the catch is and it’s actually two-fold:

1) This is only a great deal if you’ll actually USE these courses. Please don’t buy this bundle with great intentions and then not actually go through the courses. Otherwise, you wasted your money. I only want you to invest in this toolkit of resources if you promise me that you are going to go through at least 3-4 of them. They have the power to change the trajectory of your business — but only if you will take the first step to purchase and then go through and learn and implement what you learn!

2) This offer is very limited time only. Most of the people who sell these courses cannot afford to have their course discounted deeply like this on a longterm basis. So this toolkit is only available at this price through April 9, 2019. After that, the toolkit won’t be available and the only way to get these resources will be to buy them individually at the much higher prices.

This is your chance to get the help you need to grow as a blogger — and to get it at a crazy low price!

Click here to purchase The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for just $97!

P.S. I’ve downloaded my own copy of the toolkit and will be telling you about which courses I’m most excited about tomorrow. If you have any questions or aren’t sure if this is for you, leave a comment and ask. I’m happy to help you out!