Why All Bloggers Need An Email List

My biggest blogging mistake is that I waited years to start an email list, and then even longer to take it seriously. I finally started taking my email list seriously around 2016.

I was about to launch my course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and realized that I really needed an email list. I was collecting the occasional email address about a year before then, but I was doing absolutely nothing with it, and I don’t think I even had any email optins on Making Sense of Cents – there was no way for people to subscribe!

So, when I was creating my first course, I realized that I really needed to learn anything and everything about building an email list.

I had no clue how anything worked. I didn’t know how to send a newsletter, I didn’t know how to get people to join my email list, and so on and so on.

I really wish I would have started my email list back when I first started my blog so many years ago! In just the past 3 years since I started taking building an email list seriously, I already have over 100,000 email subscribers. I think that if I would have started from the very beginning, I could possibly be at double or even triple that!

But, I don’t like to live in the past 🙂

So, today, I am here to tell you to start an email list for your blog RIGHT NOW.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, and definitely don’t wait until next year.

I really wish I would have spent more time on my newsletter, but I’m glad I’ve learned from my mistake.

Due to this, I recommend that all bloggers spend time growing their email list.

Here is why all bloggers should have an email list:


It’s easy to start email marketing for your blog.

Okay, so I know what a lot of you are probably thinking “But, it’s so hard to start an email list!” Or, “I don’t even know what the first step to start an email list for my blog is!”

That is completely fine, and I understand.

I was completely confused when it came to email lists and I had no idea what I was doing. And, that is why I waited so many years to finally start my email list.

Creating an email list in actually much easier than you think.

For example, to make it easy for bloggers, Constant Contact provides:

  • Video tutorials that show you how to get started, grow your list, send an email, automate your list, and more. They have tons of helpful videos that will get you from A to Z.
  • Easy to customer email templates so that your emails always look great
  • Real-time tracking tools so that you can see who is opening, clicking, and sharing your emails

And so much more.


Your newsletter is all yours. 

Unlike with social media websites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, your newsletter and email subscribers are all yours, and you have their undivided attention.

You don’t have to worry about some social media algorithm not showing your content to your readers, as they are your email subscribers so you aren’t fighting with anyone else to have them see your content.

You also don’t have to worry about a social media website deleting your account. I have seen this happen far too many times – websites such as Pinterest or Instagram delete a social media account of a person who makes their living on that social media account, and then they are left with nothing.

That doesn’t have to be you, though – you can protect yourself!

By having your own email list, you are in control.

This can help you to improve your page views, increase your income, and be in control of your own business.


The money is in your list.

According to Business Insider, 98.4% of consumers check their email every day.

I believe that email/newsletter is the best way to promote an affiliate product and to sell your own product as well.

Your email subscribers signed up specifically to hear what YOU have to say, so you definitely have their attention. Your email list, over any other strategy, will almost always lead to more sales.


Your email subscribers are loyal followers.

If someone is allowing you to show up in their email inbox whenever you want, then they probably trust what you have to say and enjoy listening to you.

This is a great way to grow an audience and to grow a loyal audience at that.


Email is a great way to deliver other forms of content. 

With my email list, I am able to also create free email courses that can automatically be sent out to my subscribers.

This makes life easy because all a reader has to do is sign up, and then the email marketing company sends out all the information that they need and drips out the content day by day (or whatever timeframe I choose).


So, how do you create an email list for a blog?

First, you’ll want to find an email marketing service. There are many out there, but one that I recommend checking out is Constant Contact.

And, yes, you need an actual provider to do this the correct way.

A great email marketing company to check out is Constant Contact. They have great customer service and a free 60 day trial (no credit card required)​. Constant Contact will allow you to:

  • Send new subscribers a welcome email automatically
  • Trigger email series based on where contacts click
  • Segment your email subscribers based on their interests (this is a feature that I highly recommend using!)
  • Automatically resend emails to non-opens
  • Grow your email list with powerful list-building tools that they offer

One other reason why I really like Constant Contact is because they are very affordable. They have a risk free trial, where no credit card is even required. So, you can test it out and see if you like it first.

Please click here to try out Constant Contact.

Do you have an email list? Why or why not?

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