A list of the most random jobs I’ve had – how about you?

A list of the most random jobs I’ve had – how about you?


A friend just tagged me in a tweet on the different jobs we’ve had, and thought it would be fun to play along here too to get to know each other more 🙂

We’ve all done some interesting things to help pay the bills at some point, right?!

Here was the message I was tagged in:

random jobs tweet

Went back to see what others in the chain had done, and it was pretty amazing the variety of skills in our community! Everything from police officers to paper boys, models, log peelers, rock pickers (?), sign makers, seamstresses, prayer ministers and even puzzle store owners, haha… None of which I’d personally be good at, except for maybe the rock picking 😉

Here were the 5 gigs I ended up sharing:

  1. Bowling Alley Attendant (“Cosmic Bowling” even – remember that??)
  2. Timeshare Rep (*ick*)
  3. Stamp Factory Worker
  4. Photo Editor
  5. Airline agent (<— the best!! You practically see the world FOR FREE!!)

My friend Hélène joked that we’d break Twitter if we listed ALL our random jobs from over the years (she was the puzzle store owner – hah!), but it reminded me that I *did* once post them all up here for all to see which makes playing games like this a lot easier 🙂

Wanna reminder of this FULL list of jobs over my illustrious 39-year career?? It got pretty random there for the first 30-something positions! Haha…

Here they are, along with my best recollection of pay:

  1. Babysitter ($5/hour)
  2. Lawn Cutter ($5-$20/lawn)
  3. Pet Watcher/Walker ($10/day)
  4. Camp Counselor ($4.75/hour)
  5. Commissary Vendor Stocker ($800/mo)
  6. Day Care Associate ($6/hour)
  7. Bagel Maker ($6.25/hour)
  8. Bowling Alley Attendant ($7/hour)
  9. Prep Cook ($7/hour)
  10. Book Store associate ($7-$8/hour)
  11. Gadzooks worker ($6.75/hour)
  12. 7-Eleven sandwich maker ($8/hour)
  13. Construction Site Trash Hauler ($8-12/hour)
  14. Timeshare Sales Rep ($400-$800 a sale)
  15. Stamp Factory Drone ($10/hour)
  16. Photographer ($0 – $10/shot)
  17. Kid Shelter Volunteer ($0)
  18. Assistant Photo Editor ($50/issue)
  19. Photo Editor ($100/issue)
  20. Assistant Photo Editor Intern ($10/hour)
  21. Boat Rental Worker ($10/hour)
  22. Totaled Car Washer ($5/car)
  23. Dish Washer ($11/hour)
  24. Old Navy Associate ($9/hour)
  25. TV Show PA (Production Assistant) ($0 // apprentice)
  26. Travel Agent ($10/hour)
  27. Airline Ticket Agent ($9/hour)
  28. Customer Service Rep ($28,000/year)
  29. Customer Service Assistant Manager ($32,000/year)
  30. Realtor ($3,000+++++/transaction)
  31. Customer Service Rep at a Startup ($35,000/year)
  32. Customer Service Manager ($45,000/year)
  33. Product Manager ($48,000/year)
  34. Customer Service Director ($55,000->$78,000/year)
  35. Project Manager ($78,000)
  36. Graphic Designer ($78,000)
  37. Blogger/Entrepreneur ($100,000+/year)
  38. Blog Coach ($50-$100/hr)
  39. Money Coach ($50-$100/hr)
  40. Fintech Advisor ($100-$200+/hr and/or stock)

40 different jobs in almost 40 years on this Earth! Not too shabby!

Funny how some of the least glamorous ones ended up being some of my favorites too…Like the dish washing and lawn cutter gigs. Something so soothing about working with your hands though while contemplating life and listening to music! And that dishwasher one paid more than almost all other positions at that restaurant too!

Here’s the list in more detail if any of them particularly looked interesting to you: My Entire Work History

As fun as it was changing things up every now and then though, I’ll admit it’s nice to finally have a more solid career to build upon over the years and grow… I’ve had the same gig now for just over a decade, and no way I would have guessed it would have been around blogging! Haha… I swear my parents still think it’s mad I don’t use my college degree! 😉

But hey – that’s why you try out a bunch of different stuff, right? Never know what’ll eventually stick and change your life/career/finances… Gotta keep going until you find your right path!

Now that you know my complete life story, though, it’s time to hear more about yours 🙂

What are some of YOUR most random jobs you’ve tried over the years? Have you finally found the one you’re passionate about, or are you still on the hunt?!

Totally recommend listing them all out one day if you’re especially feeling bored or introspective… It’s a trip going down memory lane like that, and who knows when it might come in handy!

PS: For a list of jobs I *haven’t* tried yet but are equally as interesting, check out our side hustle series that now features over 70 ways to make money on the side! –> Side Hustle Series


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