“Why don’t we celebrate the things we DON’T have?”

“Why don’t we celebrate the things we DON’T have?”

Got this excellent note from a friend, and had to share it today as a reminder that the journey to freedom is as much about the things you *don’t* do as it is the things you *do*.

It might not be as sexy, but it’s still a huge part of the process!

From David Damron:

Random Thought: Why don’t we celebrate the things we DON’T have? We celebrate paying off debt, but we don’t celebrate NOT HAVING debt or NOT HAVING XYZ subscription – My thought is society associates “not having” with the inability to afford versus choice not to…

Yup! Living with “less” definitely isn’t as praised as much as living with shiny STUFF. Nor is living within your means, because who wants a boring life like that??! 😉

It’s stealth wealth at its finest, and I agree 100% that it should be celebrated just as much – if not more – than our decisions that are more visible/talked about openly. Without all the NOs in our lives, the YESes wouldn’t be nearly as powerful! It’s like an amplifier!

So in David’s honor today, I thought it would be worth making a list of all the things we’ve said NO to over the years, whether it’s helped us with our wallets or our mindsets or both.

You don’t have to spend hours on it, but see what you come up with in a quick minute or two. You might be surprised!

Here’s my first attempt at it:

  • I’ve said NO to shopping just because I’m bored
  • I’ve said NO to credit card debt for almost a decade
  • I’ve said NO to magazine subscriptions for almost half a decade
  • I’ve said NO to playing the lottery as much as I used to
  • I’ve said NO to eating out or drinking as much as I used to
  • I’ve said NO to upgrading my phone every year
  • I’ve said NO to upgrading my TV every year
  • I’ve said NO to accumulating more STUFF in general
  • I’ve said NO to cashing out my retirement accounts early
  • I’ve said NO to over-priced coffee and bagels (MY WEAKNESS!)
  • I’ve said NO to being a deadbeat dad
  • I’ve said NO to being consumed with work
  • I’ve said NO to doing things that compromise my integrity
  • I’ve said NO to things that aren’t a Hell Yeah
  • And I’ve said NO (forever) to trying to be someone I’m not

Now by no means am I perfect at these, but you can bet your patookiss it’s helped immensely with speeding up my goals! And feels kinda good seeing it all listed out like that too, haha…

So I do hope you take a few moments to see what you can come up with too. YESes get the needle moving, but it’s the NOs that really turbocharges things! Plus it’s pretty empowering!

Fun little thought exercise anyways, thanks David!

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